Halloween Contact Lenses Review

Popular Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween is but a few weeks away and it is never too early to start planning for the costume. You can never be quite prepared, in fact, for there is always the catastrophe of someone else getting up the same costume as you and you never want to be a mere echo in the world of fashion. Whether your motive is to exude smoking hot appeal or to spook the daylights out of them this Halloween, your get-up would be all the more complete for a pair of contact lenses that finish off your desired look and top it off with style. Here are some ideas for using Halloween contact lenses to good effect.

You might have already learned from fashion experts that shading your eyelids with dark colors diverts more attention to them – that is one of the main reasons we use mascara and eye shadow. There is something else you can add to the look of your eyes in addition to kohl and make-up, and that is a pair of colored contact lenses. If you have always wanted to try different tints, here is a chance to try some bold ones. Agreed, they may be a little spooky, but they will definitely set off your costume in a way that would leave others far behind. Putting on green tinted contact lenses or orange ones is appropriate if your costume is colorful. But if you go for basic black in your costume, there are contact lenses available in designs that mimic satanic symbols and cabalistic signs. You can end up with eyes that look like a banshee’s with orange or a shock of red tinge in them. The most common Halloween contact lenses are the cat’s eyes which are readily available in stores and all over the internet. You can first look through these listings and then decide on your costume according to the theme of the lenses.

If you have still not figured what costume you plan to wear this Halloween, you can choose on the basis of the lenses available. You can even plan along with your friends to bring to life some cabal characters. If you have your costume all ready and planned for, you can add an extra edge by adding sexy or scary appendages in the form of Halloween contact lenses and false eye lashes. Play around with body-glitter gels and eye liner to achieve the right effect that goes with your costume.