Halloween Contact Lenses Review

Different Styles of Halloween Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses with flecks of color and glitter is a good way to enhance your Halloween costume and make sure you stand out in the crowd of merry-makers. Okay, so your idea is not to make merry but to make people shake in their shoes. You can try the eerie styles to actually achieve that too, what with white eyes and bloodshot eyes making people’s hearts miss beats. There are contact lenses that can make your eyeballs look bigger or smaller, or a different shape altogether, if you so wish.

Wearing these contact lenses needs extreme care; it is not a good idea to wear them for a long time, but once in a while, especially when you have an occasion such as Halloween, it is alright to wear them for a few hours. Then there are the black contact lenses which hide the whites of your eyes and make your eye look all black. This is sure to make you look eerie, if ever.

Some of the most popular styles of contact lenses are vampire lenses and ‘dearly departed’ or ghostly eyes. These are for those who would really like to try the ghoulish kind of pranks. Vampire eyes come in combinations of shocking colors ranging from pale yellow to bright red. The ‘Twilight’ range comes with contact lenses in colors ranging from sunset yellow to amber and deeper shades like caramel. Who says electric blue for an eye color is inappropriate? Try it out with confidence and make up a costume that looks as if the blue thunder of Neptune might strike people are around you.

Styles of Halloween Contacts

Styles of Halloween Contacts

For those of you who are not so keen on making scary figurines of yourself, try the fun eyes and the sexy eyes that can add to your Halloween look without making you look like a spook. You can try out fun ideas like the Anime heroes’ eyes which have stained eyeballs in unpredictable patterns. Adventurous choices of colors are also available – green, mauve, purple and light banana yellow. The fun eyes are those in pink, yellow and bright blue, with funny little patterns on the lens. For example, there is the pair of lenses which look like you have a twirling fan in your eyeball. Rave contacts are a good idea to try if you would like to have some fun and adventure without spooking out the neighbors.